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Prices are quoted excluding VAT and shipping. 
Shipping charges are clearly stated beforehand. Click here for an overview. 
The total cost of your order are always displayed before the order is final. 
Non Dutch companies with a valid VAT number and customers from outside the EEA, we can deliver at 0% VAT .** 
We give discounts on non stock items (with a delay of more than 7 dgn), they are clearly on the website.*** 

** For deliveries at 0% VAT you must meet the following conditions: 
  - Customers from outside the EEA, indicate "NON EEA" with the order. 
  - Non Dutch EER companies with a valid VAT number give their VAT number when ordering: 
    + You must enter a valid VAT number, we do need to check it. 
    + The delivery address must be outside the Netherlands. 
    + The delivery- and invioce address should an address associated with the VAT number. 
You do not meet any of the above conditions then we have to charge you the Dutch 21% VAT 

*** Orders of non stock items at a discount must be made within 5 working days after order is paid. The payment is not received by us within the discount may be deleted.